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Smokin’ Voyages – CD (non-HEV version)


This is THE CD!!!! The Space Apache’s performances captured masterfully and in the full energy of their ferocious playing! Recorded more like a Steely Dan record than contemporary products, take a trip into a state of “feeling good!” Whoa!!!!

500 in stock (also available on backorder)


Product Description

Smokin’ Voyages! Take a trip into the world of your mind and the feeling of life! The Space Apache’s 13 track (14 if you count Entry) album has been created to add to your experience! Capturing authentic performances is really what the Apaches do…no homologized, celebrity-ized, plastic performances here. No sir! This record includes:

  1. Entry
  2. Sunrise
  3. In My Mind
  4. Empty
  5. Desert Life
  6. I Am the Six O’Clock News
  7. Breakin’ the Ice
  8. Smile
  9. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
  10. I’m on My Way to Feeling Fine
  11. A Song for the Rest of My Life
  12. Love Should Come Easy
  13. Maybe
  14. Ghost Riders in the Sky

This is the non-HEV Edition, which basically means you can drive while it plays. The HEV editions contain health-science “tones” and “vibrations that alter brain synapse fire of neurons (NO KIDDING HERE). This technology comes from AI’s affiliation with researchers and scientists in this field.

NOTE: All orders through Artists International receive an additional “gift” to express our appreciation! Order with us and EXPERIENCE what we do! There are great human beings in the world, and we are trying to part of that club by being as thoughtful, helpful, loving and supportive as we can be for all expressions of life! Whoa!!!!


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