The Space Apache’s primary objective is that of recording... As talented studio players, it is the work done in this setting that produces timeless recordings that can be enjoyed forever (Or as long as one is living on this plane with electricity!). The band members play out a great deal with other artists, separately and in various combinations. However, a Space Apaches live performance event is an EVENT! Virtually every aspect of the “experience” is meticulously considered…and it is this care that makes the energy so magical... Let us know where we might consider playing via this website and we’ll have our special Space Apaches agents check it out! Click Here…


The Space Apaches are designed for “spectacle and special” events utilizing proprietary methods of audience engagement that meticulously craft an outrageous customer experience! Ranging from “International Night” which salutes the Apaches incredible international fan bases in Norway, Taiwan, Venezuela and Ohio to “60s Night” where audiences time-travel back in time! Travel to the 1960's (give or take 50 years or so) with the likes of Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol, Twiggle, the Beatles, Miley Cyrus and other from that era.

Upcoming Shows/Events

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