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Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Space Apaches-EPK-Smokin'Voyages 

CD/Vinyl: Smokin’ Voyages   Genre: Rock, Country/Rock…a bit more rock though…

Sound Description: “Kinda like a psychedelic Eagles with a sense of humor…”

The Space Apaches create music that makes you feel good!  The Space Apaches is composed of talented Asheville, NC session players that get together to create really cool, meticulously-crafted rock records fused with a “spaced out” country vibe. The songs are upbeat and take you to a place of “feeling good.” They even do a few cool covers like “Just Dropped In” and a gothic rendition of “Ghost Riders in the Sky” guaranteed to increase your IQ algorithmically!  The Space Apaches capture authentic performances and record more like Steely Dan than contemporaries as they recognize that recordings provide meaning and feelings for listeners long after the amplifiers from a gig fade.   

Though the Space Apaches have a sense of humor with super musicianship, the listener should not overlook the meaningfulness of the of the songs lyrically. It should be apparent that a lot of thought went into the lyrics... Below are examples of a few Space Apache numbers:


This song points out the shallowness of "celebrity culture" using the late Edie Sedgwick as the object. The lyric “Edie smile..." references Andy Warhol's famous quote about "15 minutes of fame" at the Silver Factory. A smile is a deceiving thing and we are often expected to perform and be things that are not true within ourselves due to societal pressures as well as our own individual insecurities.  A genuine smile is a wonderful thing!!!!

Smile – Unlisted Preview Link



Life is fundamentally uncertain. It is often messy and confusing, especially relationships. Most people want to feel good. This idea is a driving force behind a great deal of human behavior. Most people also would like to have peace of mind at the same time, but that is a more complex idea. “Maybe, someday I’ll feel fine…” expresses the notion that most people do not feel good in the present, are striving for it, but see it as a future event. But is it?

Maybe – Unlisted Preview Link



Empty is a place…a state of mind…a desert…where prospects are few. The fundament need for love and to be loved is often the driver of this lonely feeling. “And it feels like I’ve already run forever and my last step is no closer than my first…” – reflects the utter exhaustion of working through the dense matter of life…towards the future as humankind must have “hope” in order to live…

Empty – Unlisted Preview Link



In My Mind

We live in our minds… “I think, therefore I am…” Descarte’s profound thought… This song is about the mind and the turning away from old ways to new. By changing our perception of the world and how it works, one can have a much happier life… It is a choice…even in the most unfortunate circumstances…

 Band Members

 Drums: Jim Arrendell

Bass: Rob Geisler

Key/Piano/Guitar: Aaron Price

Guitar: Andrew Reed

Guitar: Tom Leiner




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