The Space Apaches create music that makes you feel good! Authentic music recorded more like Steely Dan albums than a contemporary productions! The Space Apaches is composed of talented Asheville, NC session players that get together to make really cool, meticulously-crafted rock recordings fused with a “spaced out” country vibe. The songs are upbeat and take you to a place of “feeling good.” They even do cool covers like “Just Dropped In” and a gothic rendition of “Ghost Riders in the Sky” guaranteed to increase your IQ algorithmically! 

But if you want to know the real TRUTH…about the Space Apaches…

Narrowly escaping from the dying planet of Meatron13 (where the “beat” had all but become extinct), the Space Apaches journeyed for 5 earth-years in search of a new home where the “beat” was alive. After exploring millions of galaxies to no avail, their spaceship was caught in an intergalactic storm and the crew found themselves orbiting around a small and strange blue planet. Decreasing their altitude, their ship was innocently shot down by Earthling hunters (NOTE: The hunters did have 2 tags for unidentified spacecraft and 4 tags for road signs; the legal limit for both).

After crash-landing, the Apaches marveled and realized that this strange chaotic planet was "beat-nirvana" populated by “beat addicts.” By reading Star, Us, People and Mad, the Space Apaches quickly learned what was important and assimilated all manner of Earthling culture… Presently the Apaches are exploring new frontiers of music and are learning to work Keurig’s machines with proficiency… Also, the rumors of them taking over the planet and turning all inhabitants into love slaves is greatly exaggerated… They have decided to leave Australia out…

Presently from Asheville, NC and 4 other planets... The Space Apaches are now identified as:
Jim Arrendell
Rob Geisler
Aaron Price
Andrew Reed
Tom Leiner

“You don’t know a band until you’ve walked in their python boots or moccasins...”